Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I. Decorative Smudge Fans  II. Bouclier  III Jou Joux

#1.  "Magpie Wings"  $775.00, approximately (19 x 12)             

#2. "Pica Pica" $525.00, approximately (18 x 7)

#3. "Eagle Fluff " approximately (17 x 7.5)

#1.  "Magpie Wings" 
Double-sided  with natural black and white pheasant accents. Reverse: Oscillated Turkey, on a felted-branch handle, adorned with beads and jingles. 
$775.00 Size ( 19 x 12 wing span )

#2. "Pica Pica" 
Full iridescent green tail with Asian turkey and ostrich feathers on a painted cholla (choya) cactus handle, adorned  with Czech glass beads and horse hair tassels. $525.00 (18 x7)

#3. "Eagle Fluff " 
Eagle fluff and goose feathers on a slim bone handle adorned with vintage crystal and Heishi beads. Note: Heishi (hee-shee) are tiny shells. As they predate the introduction of metals into the Pueblo Indian culture, they are considered part of the oldest form of jewelry making in New Mexico, perhaps even North America. Size (17 x 7.5)

About Smudge Fans:
Traditionally, smudge fans are used in "smudging," fanning smoke in ceremonies. The ancient ritual has been used by Hindus, Buddhists, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches and Native Americans. The purpose is two-fold. The first is as a messenger, for the smoke is believed to carry prayers up to Heaven, the Great Spirit or other gods. The second is as a purifier, to clear  participants thoughts, auras, bodies, possessions or spaces, for a spiritual ceremony. However, it can serve a third purpose. Depending on the substance burned, it may also attract positive energies. However, my intention in creating smudge fans and other objects d'art with feathers is purely aesthetic. (Keep away from smoke or flames.)